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For Patients looking to obtain younger complexion and more radiant skin, we offer Chemical Peels as a great, affordable treatment!


No More Old & Damaged Skin 

Chemical Peels involve a medical grade chemical solution being applied to the patient’s skin, which allows for older layers of skin to gradually peel off. The treatment reveals fresh, less wrinkled, and more radiant skin! Chemical Peels can treat the face, neck, or hands and are very effective for reducing fine lines around the mouth or under the eyes. Treatments also improve the appearance of scars, acnes, skin texture, age spots, sun damage, and melasma due to pregnancy or birth control pills.

Some patients choose to combine chemical peels for acne scar revisions with CO2 laser treatments and microneedling.

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Who is a candidate for chemical peels? 

Patients looking for a fresh and renewed appearance make great candidates for Chemical Peels. Fair-skinned and light-haired patients see the best results, as darker skin does make a patients more likely to have uneven skin tone following a chemical peel. However, depending on the issue being treated, some darker complexions can see excellent results.

Patients who have deeper, more severe wrinkles or have skin sags, can be better treated with other options available at our practice.

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