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Doctor Appointment Booking Mobile App

Revolutionizing Appointment Bookings

What is APPatient™?

APPatient™is an all-in-one patientengagement app designed exclusively for Modernizing Medicine® patients andproviders. The mobile app seamlessly connects individuals and healthcareprofessionals, streamlining appointment bookings and enhancing the overallpatient experience.

Benefits Of Using APPatient

APPatient™is your mobile gateway to effortless healthcare management. With telehealthaccess and instant updates via push notifications, stay informed about criticalmedical updates. Premium Patient Connect enables 24/7 online check-ins,expediting paperwork and saving valuable time. Experience the followingbenefits:

Appointment Management Made Easy:

  • Request Appointments:
    Seamlessly schedule appointments at your convenience.

  • Check Upcoming Appointments:
    Stay updated on your upcoming appointments.

  • Receive Text Reminders:
    Get timely text message reminders for scheduled appointments.

Enhanced Accessibility and Navigation:

  • Integrated Maps:
    Access maps with directions to the Radiant Dermatology &Aesthetics office of your scheduled appointment for easy navigation.

Comprehensive Medical Records:

  • Past Visits:
    Review and track your history of past visits.

  • Medical History Access:
    Access your comprehensive medical history for informed care.

  • Prescription Requests:
    Conveniently request prescription refills within the app.